VCU School of Social Work Research Vision

Building socially just communities by working together to increase knowledge that shapes innovative solutions.

Making connections

Virginia Commonwealth University’s position as a top 50 public research university means faculty are supported in their scholarship, whether they are working individually or with other faculty members. The VCU School of Social Work offers a mentorship program that encourages researchers to have a mentor within the school, elsewhere in the university and at the national level.

Research collaborations at VCU cut across departments and schools throughout the university and include partners around the world. Many of our research projects, which receive funding from federal, state, local and foundation sources, involve community-based and community-engaged activities with individuals and organizations across Richmond, the U.S. and the world.

By teaming with a wide range of collaborators and field sites, our faculty members find that they begin to think in different ways and gain new perspectives on their work.

Building the base of knowledge

The VCU School of Social Work faculty tackles research that concerns a wide range of ages and populations, studying and working with young mothers and their children, adolescents and adults. Research topics cover a broad spectrum that includes child well-being, mental health/substance abuse, neurobiology, services and treatments, and international populations.

Whether they are creating new knowledge, evaluating practice or researching policy, our faculty members ask critical questions to address the most important social issues of our time. It’s how we continue to shape the future of our field.

Faculty areas of expertise

Mental health

  • Kia Bentley, Ph.D.
  • Jacqueline Corcoran, Ph.D.
  • Elizabeth “Betsy” Farmer, Ph.D.
  • Miriam George, Ph.D.
  • Sarah Kye Price, Ph.D.

Child well-being

  • Elizabeth “Betsy” Farmer, Ph.D.
  • Youngmi Kim, Ph.D.
  • Shelby E. McDonald, Ph.D.
  • Sarah Kye Price, Ph.D.
  • Sunny Shin, Ph.D.
  • M. Alex Wagaman, Ph.D.
  • Traci Wike, Ph.D.

Substance abuse

  • Karen Chartier, Ph.D.
  • Sunny Shin, Ph.D.

Vulnerable populations

  • Matthew Bogenschutz, Ph.D.
  • Denise Burnette, Ph.D.
  • Elizabeth Cramer, Ph.D.
  • Youngmi Kim, Ph.D.
  • Shelby E. McDonald, Ph.D.
  • M. Alex Wagaman, Ph.D.

International and refugee issues

  • Matthew Bogenschutz, Ph.D.
  • Denise Burnette, Ph.D.
  • Miriam George, Ph.D.
  • Hyojin Im, Ph.D.
  • Youngmi Kim, Ph.D.

For questions about VCU School of Social Work’s research, please contact Elizabeth “Betsy” Farmer, Ph.D., associate dean for research and professor, at or Leanne Marshall, research administrator, at

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