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Scholarship availability and application deadlines are announced by email to students via their VCU email address.

Adelante Scholarship: Sirviendo la Comunidad Hispana

Created in 2012 by the VCU School of Social Work for full-or part-time upper-level B.S.W. or M.S.W student to help fulfill the need for more bilingual social workers. This fund supports students with Spanish-language proficiency, as well as cultural sensitivity and competence, and a deep understanding of Latino communities. Must have a current or upcoming field placement with agency that works directly with Latino communities and demonstrated financial need as determined by VCU Office of Financial Aid.

The Frank and Pat Baskind Gift-Giving Fund for Students with Special Needs

Established in 2010, The Frank and Patricia Baskind Gift-Giving Scholarship for Students with Special Needs awarded to part- and full-time B.S.W., M.S.W. or Ph.D. students who have "special needs," broadly defined to include students who are working parents returning to school, health emergencies, facing extreme financial hardships or a particularly challenging situation concurrent with the pursuit of their degree.

David P. Beverly Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2013 to help VCU School of Social Work students focusing on community action and organization. Beverly was deeply committed to the principles of the school's curriculum and social justice issues, specifically civil rights. The Dr. David P. Beverly Memorial Scholarship is awarded to Master of Social Work students with demonstrated merit and financial need, commitment to community action and organization, with preference given to those who have a field work placement in an agency where social action and policy skills may be developed.

Joanne Kerbs Caramancia Scholarship 

Established in 2017 The Joanne Kerbs Caramanica Scholarship supports M.S.W students who are specifically studying micro/clinical social work with a focus on helping children, adolescents, and families.

Thomas Carlton Memorial Scholarship

The Thomas Carlton Memorial Scholarship is awarded to full- or part-time Masters of Social Work students who have completed at least one semester of the program committed to practice in the health field. Student must demonstrate financial need as determined by VCU Office of Financial Aid.  

Child Welfare Employee Education and Assistance Program

The Virginia Department of Social Services’ (VDSS) Child Welfare Employee Education Assistance Program (CWEEAP) offers funding and specialized child welfare training to selected full-time local department of social services (LDSS) staff who are enrolled in a part-time MSW program. The CWEEAP is aimed at supporting LDSS employees who are committed to working in public child welfare in foster care/adoption following graduation. Contact the VDSS State Coordinator for more information or to request application materials at childwelfarestipend@dss.virginia.gov.

Child Welfare Stipend Program at VCU

Preparing social work practitioners to engage families, support children, and foster connections.

The Child Welfare Stipend Program is a partnership between the Virginia Department of Social Services and five state universities within Virginia including Virginia Commonwealth University. This specialized training program, funded through title IV-E of the Social Security Act, prepares social work students for a career in public child welfare. M.S.W. students accepted into this program receive a $10,000 stipend per academic year. In exchange for the stipend and extensive child welfare training, the stipend recipient has a work payback requirement to work at a local department of social services within the Commonwealth of Virginia, in foster care or adoption, one calendar year for each academic year the stipend was received.

More information about the Child Welfare Stipend Program is available online.

For questions about the program, contact Naomi Reddish, Child Welfare Stipend Program coordinator, at cwstipend@vcu.edu.

Learn about the application process or apply.

Emmett W. Cocke, Jr. Scholarship

Established in 2000, The Emmett W. Cocke, Jr., Scholarship awards to full-time graduate students who have completed at least one semester committed to serving the poor and marginalized in society. The student must demonstrate academic merit and financial need.

M.S.W. Dennis Foundation Scholarship

The Dennis Foundation established this fund to provide assistance to a full-time M.S.W. student who has completed at least one semester of the program and demonstrates a contribution to the life of the School of Social Work through extracurricular activities, service projects and volunteer work.

Rick and Brenda Faulkner Scholarship

The Rick and Brenda Faulkner Scholarship supports full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a career related to criminal justice.

Anne Fischer Scholarship

Established through a gift from Anne Fischer (M.S.W. '47), a former caseworker with a long history of social work practice in the Richmond area for full- or part-time M.S.W. student who demonstrates an interest in clinical or casework, especially with families and children and financial need as determined by VCU Office of Financial Aid.

Fostering Success Scholarship

Established in 2014, The Fostering Success Scholarship provides tuition support for full- or part-time Bachelor of Social Work (upper-level) or Master of Social Work (area of specialization) program students who have demonstrated an understanding of the foster care systems and a commitment to pursuing a social work career related to positive child/youth/family development. The student must demonstrate financial need as determined by VCU Office of Financial Aid.

Kimberly K. Giancaspro Scholarship

Established in 2016, The Kimberly Giancaspro Scholarship supports M.S.W. students pursuing a career with a focus on mental health and advocacy and social justice, specifically in the areas of early intervention and prevention of childhood mental illness.

M.S.W. Graduate Research Assistantships

Yearlong graduate research assistantship positions provide stipend and tuition assistance to incoming full-time M.S.W. students. These highly competitive positions include a rewarding and educational service component. Previous assistantships have provided students the opportunity to engage in faculty-led research and develop faculty mentoring relationships.

Dr. Robert Green Just Research Scholarship

The Dr. Robert Green Just Research Award, formerly the Just Research Fund, was established by Dr. Robert Green and his wife, Frances. Dr. Green (BS '67, MSW '70). He taught at VCU for 30 years and was awarded the rank of Professor Emeritus upon his retirement. He served as faculty field liaison for the MSW program, as director of the school's PhD program, and was also appointed to the faculties of the Department of Psychology in the College of Humanities and Sciences and to the Department of Psychiatry in the School of Medicine. The Dr. Robert Green Just Research Award is given to Ph.D. and M.S.W. research poster winners at the annual VCU School of Social Work Research Symposium.

William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship

The Hearst Scholarship promotes and encourages social work practice specialization in the area of aging and supports full- and part-time M.S.W. students who are entering the concentration field the following fall or spring and who have applied to or been accepted into the Certificate in Aging Studies program at VCU.

Hurtado Family Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2009, The Hurtado Family Endowed Scholarship supports students who demonstrate potential success and leadership in the profession. The Hurtado Scholarship is awarded to full-time B.S.W., M.S.W. or Ph.D. students based on academic performance (2.0 minimum cumulative GPA), future career potential, and leadership skills. Preference given to single parents first, then U.S. veterans, and finally U.S. citizens who would not qualify for other scholarships based on GPA.

Pamela Nystrom Memorial Fund

The Pamela Nystrom Memorial Fund, established by friends and family in honor of Pamela Nystrom (B.S.W. ’77), is awarded to full- or part-time upper-level B.S.W. students.

Rita Schleuter Memorial Scholarship

The Rita Schleuter Memorial Scholarship, established by Dr. Joyce O. Beckett, professor emerita in the School of Social Work, with subsequent support from other donors, is awarded to incoming, meritorious, full-time freshmen with a demonstrated knowledge of the African American culture and interest in pursuing a career in clinical social work. The scholarship is renewable for three years provided the student remains in good academic standing.

Martin S. Schwartz Scholarship

The Martin Schwartz Scholarship is awarded to part-time Master of Social Work students with a demonstrated interest in clinical social work practice.

Cesare and Ida Sclarandis Scholarship

This scholarship, for full- or part-time B.S.W. and M.S.W. students, was established in 2007 to support the Community Service Alliance initiative within the School of Social Work through scholarship opportunities, student internship opportunities, or the purchase of materials for CSA related projects. This scholarship has a goal to culturally enrich learning experiences that will enhance future social work careers in the multidisciplinary area of cultural and systemic issues, including health, education, development, and domestic and global learning opportunities. Culturally enriching learning experiences include, but are not limited to: domestic and international service trips and study abroad opportunities.

Social Work Administration, Planning and Policy Practice Scholarship

Established in 2004, The School of Social Work Administration, Planning and Policy Practice Scholarship is awarded to MSW SWAPPP specialization students committed to macro social work practice.

Virginia Council on Social Welfare Scholarship

The Virginia Council on Social Welfare Scholarship, established through a gift from the Virginia Council on Social Welfare, is awarded to full-time, upper-level B.S.W. students with Virginia residency.

Mel C. Whipple Scholarship

Established by Mel C. Whipple (M.S.W. ’72), an alumna who maintained a successful private practice in the Richmond, Virginia, area, this scholarship supports a full- or part-time M.S.W. foundation or concentration student who exhibits a demonstrated understanding of the African-American culture and an interest in pursuing a career in clinical practice in mental health.

Rachel Wilkerson Memorial Scholarship

The Rachel Wilkerson Memorial Scholarship is awarded to full- or part-time M.S.W. students who have completed at least one semester of the program, with preference given to students seeking a certificate in Aging Studies, who are highly motivated and have faced significant financial challenges

VCU resources

Jessie Hibbs Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded, in conjunction with the VCU-MCV Women’s Club, to a female Virginia resident with dependent children who is enrolled in the M.S.W. or Ph.D. program.

Phi Kappa Phi

The VCU chapter of Phi Kappa Phi distributes $60,000 in awards and scholarships annually. The national Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi’s awards more than $700,000 each year through its grants and awards programs to outstanding students, Phi Kappa Phi members and chapters through the society’s various awards competitions.

State and national resources

Consuelo W. Gosnell Memorial M.S.W. Scholarship (NASW Foundation)

The Gosnell Scholarship was established through a bequest of Consuelo Gosnell, a social work practitioner who was born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and died in Texas in 1987. Gosnell was a champion of civil and human rights and worked diligently to ameliorate conditions for critically underserved American Indians and Latinos in the Southwest. Gosnell practiced for many years in federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Hampton Roads Association of Social Workers Scholarship

The Hampton Roads Association of Social Workers offers a $1,500 scholarship to a student from Virginia pursuing graduate study in social work.

Judith Holm Memorial Student Award (American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work)

Sponsored by the Center for Clinical Social Work, the Judith Holm Memorial Student Award offers $2,000 cash prizes to concentration-year M.S.W. students who write the best papers demonstrating their mastery of the essentials of clinical social work and readiness to enter professional practice.

Verne LaMarr Lyons Memorial M.S.W. Scholarship (NASW Foundation)

The Verne LaMarr Lyons Memorial M.S.W. Scholarship is a memorial to Verne LaMarr Lyons, a social worker and NASW national staff member who died in 1989 while waiting for a heart transplant. Lyons committed his life to increasing awareness of pernicious health concerns affecting African-Americans, such as insufficient prenatal care, infant mortality, AIDS, cirrhosis and general life expectancy.

Carl A. Scott Book Scholarship (CSWE)

Two book scholarships of $500 each are awarded each academic year to students who have demonstrated a commitment to work for equity and social justice in social work.