Campus life

An aerial view of the dragon boat festival at Rocketts Landing

Virginia Commonwealth University lives at the heart of the Commonwealth in Richmond, Virginia.

The city provides students with a variety of historic attractions, magnificent architecture, world-class food and museums, and easy access to the roaring James River. The complexities of the city and the beauty of the surrounding natural landscapes make for a dynamic and fulfilling college experience.

The university’s campus reflects the character of its host city by mixing modern, high-tech amenities with historic buildings. On campus, students will find two libraries for study and research, restaurants and food carts, more than 200 places to secure your bicycle, as well as outdoor parks and an indoor gym. Whether you are looking for a new art exhibit, live music or a lecture to attend there are always opportunities at VCU.

The School of Social Work is located in the center of campus and provides social work students with easy access to all of the university’s amenities. Additionally, social work students have access to more than 500 partner agencies, private study rooms, teleconferencing and state-of-the-art teaching technologies at the Academic Learning Commons, as well as a variety of supports from the school’s Office of Student Success.