Student associations

Outside of the classroom, students can expand their learning experience by taking part in student-run organizations.

To get involved in one of the student associations, email

B.S.W. Student Association

The B.S.W. Student Association brings undergraduate social work students together to discuss interests and concerns, as well as elect students to serve on committees within the school. The association sponsors a variety of activities throughout the academic year, including workshops on professional writing, resume writing and social justice, as well as social events and volunteer opportunities.

M.S.W. Student Association

The M.S.W. Student Association provides an opportunity for master’s-level social work students to address interests and concerns, and also elect students to serve on committees within the school. The association organizes a variety of activities throughout the academic year including workshops, community outreach and service projects, and social events.

Doctoral Student Association

The Doctoral Student Association provides information, resources, activities and support to Ph.D. students throughout their doctoral program experience. It also serves as a forum for students to promote their shared academic, personal and professional growth.

Association of Black Social Workers

The Association of Black Social Workers works to empower people of African ancestry through advocacy, human services and research. ABSW sponsors a variety of educational forums and activities that address social issues and concerns of the black community and works to develop an in-depth understanding of areas of interest, enhance leadership skills and establish a networking support system.

LGBTQIA+ and Allied Social Work Group VCU

The LGBTQIA+ and Allied Social Work Group provides a safe space for LGBTQIA+ and allied social workers to collaborate and engage in advocacy efforts. The organization also promotes awareness of LGBTQIA+ topics within the VCU social work community through curricula building, education and social events.