Doctoral research

Selected student fellowships and awards

Buckley, T. Pre-Dissertation Fellow, Association for Gerontology Education in Social Work (AGESW), 2018

Luce, C. Environmental Fellowship Program Fellow, University of Michigan, 2018

Massey, M. Graduate School Dissertation Assistantship, Virginia Commonwealth University Graduate School, 2018

Swan, L. E. T. Community and Public Health Research Award, Virginia Commonwealth University Institute for Women’s Health, 2018

Selected student publications

Bouchard, L. M., Wike, T. L., & Burnette, J. D. (in progress). Gone for now or gone for good: Narratives of rural youth with intentions to leave their communities.

Cuba, M. J., Massaro, V. R., Waters, C., Watson, S., Cody, A. M., & Stemhagen, K. (2018). Beyond the label: Using a multilevel model of intersectionality to explore the educational experiences of Latino English learners. Journal of Latinos and Education. Advance Online Publication.

McDonald, S. E., Cody, A. M., Booth, L. J., Peers, J. R., Luce, C. O., Williams, J. H., & Ascione, F. R. (2018). Animal cruelty among children in violent households: Children’s explanations of their behavior. Journal of Family Violence, 1-12.

Wagaman, M.A., Compton, K. S., & Segal, E.A.  (2018, online). Social empathy and attitudes about dependence of people living in poverty on government assistance program. Journal of Poverty.

Conley, D. & Bogenschutz, M. (in preparation). Behavioral health legislator voting behavior: A systematic review. Manuscript in preparation.

Grady, M., Wike, T., Putzu, C., Field, S., Hill, J., Bledsoe, S., Bellamy, J., & Massey, M. (2017). Recent Social Work Practitioners’ Understanding and Use of Evidence-Based Practice and Empirically Supported Treatments. Journal of Social Work Education (Published Online 21 June, 2017).

Wike, T. L., Grady, M. D., Massey, M., Bledsoe, S. E., Bellamy, J. L., Stim, H., & Putzu, C., (in press).  Factors influencing the use of the EBP process among newly licensed social work practitioners. Journal of Social Work Education.

Im, H., & Swan, L. E. T. (in press). Qualitative exploration of critical health literacy among Afghan and Congolese refugees resettled in the USA. Health Education Journal. DOI: 10.1177/0017896918785932

Wagaman, M. A., Alessi, E., Goffnett, J., Watts, K. J., Iacono, G., Thomas, D., Craig, S. (2018). Interrupting hetero- and cisnormativity in social work programs: LGBTQ+ student strategies for increasing inclusion. Manuscript under review.

Selected student presentations

Farmer, E. M. Z., Bouchard, L. M. (2019). Rural-urban differences in outcomes from group home treatment for youth. Poster presentation for the Society of Social Work and Research 23rd Annual Conference, January, 2019. San Francisco, CA.

Kim, K., Hong, M., & Buckley, T. (2018, November). Family caregiving environment and engagement in advance care planning. Poster session presented at the meeting of Gerontological Society of America, Boston, MA.

Cody, A.M., & Shin. S. (2018, January). Prevention resources, community capacity and child maltreatment: A hierarchical linear modeling analysis. Paper accepted for presentation at the Society for Social Work Research Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.

Compton, K.S. (2019, April). Resistance and Resilience: Capturing the Experiences of People Directly Affected by Environmental Hazards. Paper presented at ResilienceCon in Nashville, TN.

Conley, D. (2019, January). Behavioral health legislator voting behavior: A systematic review. Poster to be presented at the annual conference of the Society for Social Work and Research, San Francisco, CA.

Luce, C. (2018, October). Climate change and loss. Presentation at the Fall 2018 Environmental Grantmakers Association Retreat, Asheville, NC.

Massey, M. (2018, October). Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Promoting Social Justice Through Multi-Level Practice and Teaching. Interactive workshop presented at the annual program meeting of the Council on Social Work Education: Orlando, FL.

Cramer, L. & Stim, H. (2016, November) Collaborative digital storytelling: A high-impact, technology based learning tool for social work courses. Presented at the annual program meeting of the Council on Social Work Education: Atlanta, GA.

Swan, L. E. T., & Im, H. (2018, April). Mental health consequences of female genital mutilation on Somali refugees in Kenya. Poster session presented at the annual conference of Virginia Commonwealth University Institute for Women’s Health, Richmond, VA.

Thomas, D., Watts, K. J., & Goffnett, J. (2018, November). LGBTQ+ social work student narratives: Identifying advocacy strategies to enhance LGBTQ+ inclusion. Oral presentation presented at the Council on Social Work Education 64th Annual Program Meeting; Orlando, Florida.

Recently completed dissertations

Casey, Rachel C. (May 2018) Mental Health Difficulties and Service Use of Incarcerated Women: The Influence of Violent Perpetration and Victimization. Committee Members: Dr. Kia J. Bentley, Chair; Drs. Sarah Kye Price, Shelby E. McDonald, Nancy Morris (VCU Dept of Criminal Justice)

Rosenberg, Rachel D. (May 2018) Strengthening social networks of youth aging out of foster care: Promoting positive adult outcomes. Committee Members: Dr. Elizabeth M.Z. Farmer, Chair; Drs. Traci L. Wike, Youngmi Kim, M. Alex Wagaman, Michael Broda (VCU School of Education)

Cummings, Cory  (Aug 2017) The Anatomy of CBPR: A Case Study of CBPR Implementation for Health Promotion with the Peer Community. Committee Members: Dr. Kia J. Bentley, Chair; Drs. Liz Cramer, Sarah Kye Price, Rebecca S. Etz (VCU Dept. of Family Medicine and Population Health)

Jettner, Jennifer  (May 2017) Community Gardens: Exploring race, racial diversity and social capital in urban food deserts. Committee Members: Dr. Mary C. Secret, Chair; Drs. Patrick V. Dattalo, Elizabeth Farmer, Meghan Gough (VCU Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs)

Prorock-Ernest, Amy  (May 2017) Walking in beauty: Responsive and responsible health and healing among Virginia American Indian people. Committee Members: Dr. M. Alex Wagaman, Chair; Drs. Mary Katherine O’Connor, Sarah Kye Price, Maghboeba Mosavel (VCU Dept. of Health Behavior and Policy)