Field instruction

Evaluation forms



Mid-semester evaluation

The mid-semester evaluation is a formal verbal conference, to be conducted during the week specified in the field instruction calendar.

This evaluation is to be verbal unless terms outlined in the Learning Plan are not being met at a satisfactory level.

If, in the opinion of the field instructor or the student, concerns warrant significant negative feedback, a written evaluation is necessary. The written evaluation must be discussed with and submitted to the field liaison for review as soon as possible. Both the student and field instructor are required to sign and date any written evaluation.

To assist with your planning, the following checklist is offered as a guide.

The student and field instructor:

____ discuss each of the student's significant assignments to date

____ review the Learning Plan with regard to progress

____ summarize the most significant areas of progress as well as areas of marginal or unsatisfactory progress

____ evaluate the student/supervisor relationship with regard to teaching and learning styles, directness of feedback and other process issues