Field instruction

Information for agencies and field instructors

Agency login

Agencies currently participating in the VCU School of Social Work field placement program should log in to update agency information or request new students.

Register with the Office of Field Instruction

New agencies interested in offering placements for field instruction should register online.

List of participating agencies

Review the list of agencies currently registered with the Office of Field Instruction.

Field instructor role

  • Describe and explain what is expected of the student during his or her internship with the agency.
  • Provide the student with an orientation to the agency, its purpose, structure, policies, procedures, and ethical standards of practice.
  • Provide regularly scheduled supervision to the student, at least one hour a week.
  • Include the student in regular staff meetings and staff training whenever possible.
  • Assign duties and responsibilities that are appropriate to the student’s learning needs and that are progressively demanding and challenging.
  • Assign duties and responsibilities that help the student develop a broad range of social work knowledge and skills at multi levels.
  • Work with the student to expand the student’s opportunities to learn.
  • Monitor the student’s work and progress and regularly provide feedback and constructive criticism.
  • Evaluate the student’s performance in a fair, respectful, and thorough manner.
  • Meet regularly during each semester with the student and field liaison to discuss the internship and the student’s progress.
  • Complete all evaluation forms and reports required by the school.
  • Model ethical practice and refrain from any inappropriate or unethical behavior toward the student.

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Process recording FAQs

Have a question about process recording? Review our list of the most frequently asked questions.

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Transportation policy

VCU School of Social Work students are not permitted to transport clients in their own vehicles as part of their Field Internship responsibilities, unless the agency is willing to indemnify the student transporter. Proof of the agency’s coverage for student(s) is required. Students not covered by agency, who choose to use their own vehicles to transport clients, may be liable in the event the client(s) or any passengers are injured.

Mid-semester Evaluation Guidelines

The mid-semester evaluation is a formal verbal conference, to be conducted during the week specified in the field instruction calendar.

This evaluation is to be verbal unless terms outlined in the Learning Plan are not being met at a satisfactory level.

If, in the opinion of the field instructor or the student, concerns warrant significant negative feedback, a written evaluation is necessary. The written evaluation must be discussed with and submitted to the field liaison for review as soon as possible. Both the student and field instructor are required to sign and date any written evaluation.

To assist with your planning, the following checklist is offered as a guide.

The student and field instructor:
____ discuss each of the student's significant assignments to date

____ review the Learning Plan with regard to progress

____ summarize the most significant areas of progress as well as areas of marginal or unsatisfactory progress

____ evaluate the student/supervisor relationship with regard to teaching and learning styles, directness of feedback and other process issues

Field Manual Sections

The following information pertains to all participating agencies in the field placement program and is from the Field Instruction Manual. You will need Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. If you view the PDF within your Web browser, the file will open to the specific section noted below.

Field Manual Section TitlePage #
Criteria for the Selection of Field Instruction Agencies and Field Instructors 3
Memorandum of Agreement  
Ideas for the First Three Weeks in Field 4
Student Performance Problems 25