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Jan M. Ivery, Ph.D.

Visiting scholar and associate professor

Email: jmivery@vcu.edu

Phone: (804) 827-1352


Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University

M.S.W., University of Pittsburgh

B.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Jan Ivery, Ph.D. is a visiting scholar from Georgia State University in Atlanta where she is an associate professor. Her research has focused on organizational and community capacity for improved service delivery through community collaboration. Ivery has published peer-reviewed articles on organizational ecology, social capital, and naturally occurring retirement communities (NORCs) in journals such as the Administration in Social Work (now Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership, & Governance), Journal of Gerontological Social Work, and Human Behavior and the Social Environment.   

Ivery’s research has examined how individuals, families, and organizations interact with and change their social and physical environment.  Prior to coming to VCU, Ivery worked with graduate students from the nutrition department to pilot test nutrition education materials for community-dwelling older adults. Ivery also evaluated a demonstration project with the Georgia Department of Corrections that provided supportive services to offenders during their transition back into the community. This project reflected the disconnect between the employment and job training provided during the reentry process with the economic opportunities available in the local community.  For these individuals, the challenge of having a criminal record is compounded by the lack of economic opportunities available to them as they try to rebuild their lives outside of the correctional systems. However, issues related to social and economic justice were present yet not adequately addressed as part of the long-term solution in these projects. Her current research and role in the iCubed Social Justice Core is an opportunity to further Ivery is currently analyzing data from a recent research project with colleagues from the University of Pittsburgh to examine how participation in an education and vocational training program influences the educational and economic outcomes of women and children in Ghana.


Selected publications

Ivery, J.M., Benton, L., Harrison, A., Paul, M., & Cortés , M. (in press). The DASH pilot project: Developing community-based nutrition education for older adults. Journal of Gerontological Social Work.

Ivery, J.M.& Muniz, G. (in press). Caregiver transitions: Developmental and gendered perspectives. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment.

Ivery, J. M. (2014). The NORC supportive services Model: The role of social capital in community aging initiatives. Journal of Community Practice, 22, 451-471.

Ivery, J.M. & Akstein-Kahan, D. (2010). Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC):

Developing and managing collaborative partnerships to support older adults.  Administration in Social Work, 53, 21-42.

Ivery, J.M. (2010). Partnerships in transition: Managing organizational and collaborative change. Journal Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 20, 20-37.