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Abbie D. Kinnebrew, LCSW

Assistant professor in teaching

Email: kinnebrewad@vcu.edu

Phone: (804) 828-2836


M.S.W, Virginia Commonwealth University

B.A., Wesleyan University


Abbie Kinnebrew is an assistant professor in the VCU School of Social Work. Most of her work has been in the Office of Field Education, but she also teaches in the classroom for the MSW program. Her teaching interests include field education, trauma-informed care, evidence-informed practice with children and adolescents, and mental health.

Kinnebrew’s interest in field education is grounded in the perspective that field is the “signature pedagogy” of social work education. In every individualized relationship with students through field education, Kinnebrew works to facilitate their individual journeys of growth and development towards the goal of becoming competent social work practitioners who engage in intentional, reflexive, evidence-informed social work practice.

Kinnebrew is a licensed clinical social worker with six years of post-graduate experience in clinical social work practice with children, adolescents, and their families, most of whom experienced chronic, complex trauma. She focused on engaging in and promoting trauma-informed practice at all times and in trauma-focused treatment when warranted through integrating empirically supported interventions with play therapy techniques.  

Kinnebrew has been an active member of the Greater Richmond Trauma-Informed Community Network (TICN) since 2013. She co-founded and co-chairs the Trauma-Informed Workforce Development Committee (TIWD) of the TICN, which works to influence the education, training, and certification of our current and future child-serving workforce in the Greater Richmond area.

Another project Kinnebrew is involved in is aimed at disseminating the use of the evidence-informed practice system for children and adolescents called Managing and Adapting Practice (MAP). To this end, she has been collaborating with Michael Southam-Gerow, professor, director of clinical psychology graduate studies, and the co-director of the Anxiety Clinic at VCU, to develop and teach an elective in the MSW program called Evidence-informed Practice for Children, Adolescents, and their Families, which trains students on the use of MAP. Through collaboration with Betsy Farmer, associate dean for research and professor of the School of Social Work, planned future phases of this project involve disseminating MAP into community-based agencies in the Richmond area.

Kinnebrew is also passionate about supporting students development outside of field and the classroom through mentorship and collaboration. These relationships are often focused on student success, career planning, and self-care.  


Recent and current funded projects


Project title: Evidence-based practice for all

VCU Quest Innovation Fund


Selected presentations

Kinnebrew, A., Farmer E.Z., Wright, L., & O-Pries, N. (October, 2015). Creating a community network to enhance trauma-informed practices in child welfare agencies. Presented at the Council on Social Work Education’s 61st Annual Program Meeting, Denver, CO.


Selected trainings

Kinnebrew, A. & Clark Johnson, Stevara. (August, 2017). Advanced field instructor training: Case method using “Slippery Boundaries.” Field Instructor Training, Richmond, VA. VCU SSW Field Education Department. (August, 2015). New field instructors’ orientation.  

Field Instructor Training, Richmond, VA. Kinnebrew, A., Aldredge, P., & Fraser, D. (February, 2015). Facilitating self-awareness and critical thinking in field placement. Field Instructor Training, Richmond, VA. (Event was cancelled due to inclement weather)

Kinnebrew, A.,  Fraser, D., & Carter, C. (November, 2014). VCU School of Social Work curriculum: Theoretical perspectives. Field Instructor Training, Richmond, VA.

Kinnebrew, A. & Fraser, D. (October, 2014). Tools for mastery: The new learning plan and student evaluation. Field Instructor Training, Richmond, VA.

Kinnebrew, A., Fraser, D., Odera, S., & Carter, C. (April, 2014). VCU School of Social Work curriculum: Theoretical perspectives. Field Instructor Training, Richmond, VA.

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