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Timothy Davey

Timothy L. Davey

Associate Dean for Research and Community Engagement and Associate Professor
Phone: (804) 828-0708

Partnering with the community

“We’ve been a school for more than 90 years and the community has always been an integral part of our school. We provide support to agencies through student fieldwork, program evaluations and research and continuing education. It’s been a great way to connect with the community.

“Regarding our continuing education efforts, we have been working in the last several years to further build workshop and training opportunities for social workers and other professionals in the local community.

“The international component also is an important part of community engagement. Abroad, our students and faculty have been making efforts to partner with international organizations to extend our services to underserved countries such as the Dominican Republic.”


  • Ph.D. – Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fla.
  • M.S.W. – Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fla.
  • B.A. – Anderson University, Anderson, Ind.

Research interests

  • Providing intervention services to “at-risk” families and children
  • Multiple family group approaches    
  • Field instruction/internships

Courses taught

  • Field liaison
  • Administrative position

Selected publications

  • Davey, T. & Ivery, J. (in press). Using Organizational Collaboration and Community Partnerships to Transition Families from Homelessness to Home Ownership: The Homebuy5 program. Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community.

  • Abell, M., Davey, T. & Leisey, M. (under review). The multi-family group weekend retreat: A quasi-experimental study. The Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work

  • Abell, M., Davey, T. & Clark, P. (Revise and resubmit). Community Case Management Intervention for Hard-to-Place Homeless Families Leaving Emergency Shelter. Social Work

  • Davey, T. & Abell M. (2004). A Community-Based Multiple Family Group Intervention for Sheltered Families: Impact of the Weekend Retreat. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment. 9(1/2). pp. 129-146.

  • Davey, T. & Abell M. (2004). A Community-Based Multiple Family Group Intervention for Sheltered Families: Impact of the Weekend Retreat. How Institutions are Shaping the future of our Children: For Better or for Worse? (Eds. C. Dulmus & K. Sowers). The Haworth Press, Inc: Binghamton, NY.

  • Davey, T. (2004). A Multiple Family Group (MFG) Intervention for Homeless Families: The Weekend Retreat. Health & Social Work, 29(4). pp. 326-329.

Professional affiliations

  • Council on Social Work Education
  • Society for Social Work Research