Virginia Commonwealth University

Field instruction

Field calendar

Following are important field education course event and deadline dates for the 2013-2014 academic year. Please refer to the VCU academic calendar for additional dates and to the Field Manual [PDF] for SSW policies regarding hours in field, holidays and inclement weather.

Faculty Teaching BSW Courses fall 2014

SLWK 311: Oppressed Groups

Dr. Peter Nguyen
Dr. Annemarie Colon
Dr. Sarah K Price

SLWK 313: Person in Society I

Ms. Jennifer A. Shadik
Ms. Brinette L. Jones

SLWK 330: Person in Society II

Ms. Jody Hearn Escaravage

SLWK 380: Research I

Dr. Youngmi Kim
Dr. Pattrick V Dattalo
Mr. Matthew P Decarlo

SLWK 422: Social Welfare Legislation & Services

Dr. Matthew David Bogenschutz
Mr. Christopher J Ward

SLWK 431: Person in Society III

Ms. Jessie C Kadolph
Dr. Mary Alex Wagaman

SLWK 441: Social Work Practice I

Ms. Allison Kay Ryals               
Ms. Denise M Purgold
Dr. Nicole L Lee
Ms. Angie M Mann-Williams

SLWK 494: Senior Field Instruction I

Dr. Patricia A Aldredge

Upper-level Academic Advisors

Ms. Stevara Clark Johnson
(804) 828-0732